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Weather Joke

Q: When does it rain money?
A: When there is change in the weather.

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Fridge Joke

Q: How do you put a deer in the fridge?

A: Open the door, put the deer inside, and close the door.

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Bulldozes Joke

Q. What do you call a sleeping bull?

A. A bulldozer.

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Capital Joke

Teacher – Whats the capital of Iceland?

Student – The letter “I”.

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Sponge Bob Joke

Q. What is Sponge Bob Square Pants favorite western movie:

A. Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Squid.

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Pencil Joke

I’d tell you another joke about a pencil.
But it doesn’t have any point!

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Library Joke

A man phones the librarian at the middle of the night.Librarian picks the phone.”What is it?”she asked.”When will the library open?”9 am tommorow”said librarian , quite annoyed.”Not any sooner?”He asked.
“No”she said.”What’s the hurry to get in anyways”.
He said,”Who told you about getting in , I want to get OUT”.

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Gum Joke

Q. What did the gum say to the shoe?
A. I’m stuck on you.

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Pork Chop Joke

Q. What do you call a pig that’s a karate expert?
A. A pork chop

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Eating Joke

A little girl goes to see the doctor. She’s got a pea in one nostril, a grape in the other, and a string bean stuck in her ear. She says to the doctor, “I don’t feel good.”

The doctor replies, “The problem is clear to me. You’re not eating right!”

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